Children, from their birth to their teenage years, need special care for their teeth and gums and their development. Through the early diagnosis of potential problems and the execution of the appropriate dental treatment, many problems and complications in the future can be prevented.

Encourage your child to go regularly to the dentist for check-ups. That way he or she will grow up with a more positive attitude towards dental treatment.
Our team of experts offers preventive and prophylactic services, monitoring of the child’s tooth development, which helps in preventing future problems, before they arise.




Why visit the dentist right after the first year?

In the early ages, from 1 to 3, many children develop the so called early childhood caries, which can cause major complications. Half of the 3-year-olds in Sofia suffer from this condition. The peculiar thing about this type of caries is that it develops very quickly (often right after the teeth eruption) and can affect many teeth at the same time. It targets the upper incisors, which are the least protected by the saliva teeth.
The dentist has to explain to the parents how to protect their child from this type of caries. Children have to learn to drink liquids from a cup as early as possible, instead of with the aid of a baby bottle. It should be absolutely forbidden for the child to go to sleep with the baby bottle, unless it contains only water. The reason for that is that the sugars and carbohydrates in the sweet juices break down to a type of acid, which works on decaying the teeth throughout the whole night. During the night the salivation, which protects the teeth, decreases. The sweet juices and foods should be consumed in larger periods of time in between each take, so that their acidic effect won’t be constant.



The healthy smile is a major part in the high self-esteem of every child!

That is why we aim to do more than just taking care of children’s teeth – we need to motivate them to take responsibility for their own dental health!

That is why we put a strong emphasis on the preventive role of pediatric dentistry, reaching our youngest patients with information on their dental hygiene and the right tips for their nutrition.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing children being proud with their smiles.

You can get these and many other advices, as well as useful information about your child’s teeth, by scheduling an appointment with Docent Dr. Nikoleta Markova – pediatric dentist.

The specialized dental clinic Medstom-M has a contract with the NHIF to cover the entire spectrum of dental care for children.

For the kids we have created a special dental office with many cartoon characters and many gifts. In the company of the Smurfs, all the kids will feel calm and will anticipate with joy the next visit to their dentist.