The smile is the most attractive facial feature we have! It’s good health and beauty can make you feel very confident and to change your life completely, to change the way you perceive yourself, and the way the others treat you.
The aesthetic dentistry can transform completely discoloured, broken, chipped and crooked teeth into spectaculat smiles.
In the specialised dental clinic Medstom-M we can offer you the following cosmetic procedures:
– Calculus cleaning and whitening with universal whitening systems;
– Whitening with whitening lamp;
– Ceramic veneers and composite veneers from Componeer;
– Brackets;
– Titanium implants.

Teeth whitening with whitening lamp – the latest development in the whitening technologies.

As a child every single one of us had a sparkling white smile, but consumption of a variety of foods and beverages such as coffee and soy sauce can cause darkening of the surface of the tooth. With the passage of time, these stains get deeper and deeper into the tooth. Similarly, to the white clothes stained with paint, the stains on the teeth are hard to clean with the standard methods. This modern system for teeth whitening cleans both the surface and the inside of the tooth.
Only for about 30-40 minutes, the stain and the darkened areas created for years disappear with ease. It won’t take more time than a regular haircut or manicure – it is that easy!

Aesthetics with porcelain veneers

The porcelain veneers are amazing cosmetic solution to fixing stained, chipped, broken, discoloured, crooked, and spaced-out teeth, and even for giving back new life to old crowns and bridges. They can also be used for lasting tooth whitening without the standard darkening after the usage of whitening gels.
The dental veneers can be made like think pieces of contact lenses, which are placed on top of the existing teeth, without the painful removal of dental tissue.
With the help of the new system of using direct composite veneers COMPONEER – with only one visit to the dentist you get the spectacular smile you dreamed of, with just one easy procedure for front teeth recovery.

There are no age limitation for transforming your smile with brackets.
If your bones and gums are healthy, the age is no limit. About 20% of the orthodontic patients are adults.
Why not fix a missing tooth with a titanium implant, or decorate your smile with zircon crystals.

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