Medical and dental clinic Medstom is one of the first dental center in Bulgaria, which is opened in 2001. For all these years our highly qualified team helps hundreds of patients. The name of the clinic is guarantee of good service and high quality care in specialized focus areas of dentistry. The recommendations and advices of our so many patients help us to expend out business by opening the new dental clinic MEDSTOM – M, which is situated on the center of Sofia. With us each patient can rely on individual approach , professional and expert care.
Specialists in clinics "Medstom" make financial treatment plan after comprehensive diagnosis.
In our clinics we have facilities and equipment of the highest quality standards. We work with high quality materials of world famous producers , suggest a closed cycle of diagnosis and treatment using private radiology lab and partnerships with some of the leading dental laboratories in Sofia.
For our patients we constantly replenish and enrich our range of dental services, because we know that oral health and overall health are inextricably linked.

ISO 9001:2008

Medical and Dental Center ‘Medstom’ and Dental Clinic ‘ Medstom – M’ are rated and approved for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 I EN ISO 9001: 2008 I BDS EN ISO 9001: 2008. The range of the ISO 9001: 2008 is: “Complete dental services including: preventive, conservative dentistry; pediatric dentistry; prosthetic dentistry; orthodontics; maxillo – facial and oral surgery with plastic; paradontology; dental implantology; aesthetic dentistry; physiotherapy; Dent-digital X-rays. ” Benefits of ISO 9001: 2000 is that it maintains a constant quality of health services, best patient care and international recognition for management model clinics “Medstom.” ISO 9001: 2008 is “System of quality management” which includes management requirements that oblige the institution or organization to focus on customer requirements, process management and improvement activities. The purpose of ISO 9001: 2008 is to support organizations in their aim for quality management, which means that they have to meet the quality requirements, to follow with regulatory requirements, increase customer satisfaction and continuously improve their business.