Perhaps you are hiding your smile due to missing teeth.
Or maybe you don’t feel confident enough with the prosthetic teeth you have?
Maybe you even have troubles chewing?
If you are missing one or more teeth and you would like to smile, talk and eat comfortably and confidently once again then…

For You the dental implant is Your good news!

The dental implants substitute missing teeth, as well as their roots. They are made from biologically compatible neutral titanium (this type of metal is ultra-light, and it is well-accepted by the human body, plus it doesn’t create bacterial plaque).
The prosthetics are implanted into the bone in place of the missing/extracted teeth. Throughout the healing process, the bone grows around the implant. During the next four to six months – the required healing time, the implant is covered by the gums, so it will be protected against unnecessary stress and harm. That way the implant will take the pressure from the chewing process, instead of the root, and it will gently position it in the jaw, just like it is with the real teeth.
The implants are perfect option for people with good general health, who have lost one or many teeth due to periodontitis, physical harm or any other reason.
The placement of the titanium dental implant is a routine and natural procedure, that it can make the patient completely forget he or she ever lost a tooth.

What’s the purpose of the dental implant?

– To substitute one or more teeth, without harming the rest of the teeth.
– To provide security for a tooth bridge or the flexibility of a prosthetic.
Every time you take a look at the mirror you will be more and more reassured that the dental implant is the best solution to the missing teeth problem, because:
Aesthetically the dental implants look and feel like your own natural teeth!
Since the dental implants are naturally integrated into the structure of the bone, that means that the loss of bone mass will be prevented, as well as the receding of the gum line, which are common problems with the other types of prosthetics and false teeth.
Be confident – no one will ever know you have changed your missing tooth with a dental implant!
– The placement of Your dental implants saves you from the trouble of actually harming nearby teeth, by filing them in order for you to get a tooth bridge. Your natural teeth remain intact, which provides you with long-term oral health!
Building trust in the success of the dental implants will allow you once again to talk and eat comfortably and confidently! They will relieve you from the unpleasant clicks and insecurity, which come along with wearing dental prosthetics. They will allow you to say goodbye to all of the worries and embarrassments coming from the shifting of the prosthetics, as well as all the fuss surrounding the usage of glues and special pastes.


The perfect candidate for dental implants is a person with good oral and general health.
Depending of your condition and the type of implant, chosen by you and your dental implatologist, you will be assigned a special personalised treatment plan, based on your own needs and financial situation.
In the Specialised Dental Clinics Medstom we use the following dental implant systems Straumann (Switzerland), Ankylos (Germany); I-fix (Italy); Titanium Fix (Brazil); Alfa Gate (Germany); GIH (Switzerland); GSC (Switzerland).
The patient’s knowledge of the procedures is of upmost importance.. It is essential that he or she has all the present information about their condition and the treatment, that they will undergo. We strongly encourage asking all kinds of questions which may arise.
Preparation before treatment. Patients, who are showing one or more contraindications for a dental implantation, have to be consulted by the appropriate specialists, as well as undergo the required lab and x-ray examinations. If that is the case a medical treatment, that is required prior to the procedure, has to be completed.
Preparing a personal file for each patient with their full medical history, which ensures their safety and gives information for different conditions, which may need prior treatment.
Patients’ comfort.We are focused on providing the maximum comfort for our patients throughout their procedures. We are working in an environment with the highest standards and latest technological innovations in the field. We are always trying to provide the highest level of professional care, as our team is extremely qualified and very friendly.
Patients’ safety.e know that prevention of the spread of such highly contagious diseases, such as HIV, herpes, hepatitis and even the common cold, is of greatest importance. That is why our team is very precise when it comes to sterilizing the instruments and the general hygiene in our clinic. We are following standards exceeding the once suggested by the local authorities. We are using disposable masks and gloves, which we change for every new patient. Every single part of the immovable equipment is thoroughly cleaned with various antibacterial solutions before each procedure. We have installed a system providing sterile water. We are also using AUTOCLAVE sterilization for all of our tools before every single dental examination or treatment. You can rest assured that our team is specially trained for all those procedures and is perfectly aware of their importance.

Clinical cases involving the placement of dental implants, you can see HERE