Dental clinic Medstom-M has at its disposal a socialized surgery designed for the treatment and diagnostics in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

The cutting edge technology by the leading providers of dental equipment in Germany and Italy, with which the surgery is equipped, allows a constant visual representation and complex data for the executed procedures, as well as, complete safety, highest level of precision and reduction of the pain throughout the procedures. It also provides security when it comes to the successful and accurate completion of the procedures in the bone-replacement surgery and the dental implantology.

The following procedures are executed:
Non-surgical and surgical tooth and root;
– Treatment of inflammatory processes and gum diseases;
– Surgical treatment of cysts, benign tumors and maxillary sinus;
– Placing of braces and fixation of periodontal teeth with aesthetic strips;
– Reposition and fixation of fractured jaws and expulsed teeth;
– Intraoral and extraoral incisions;
– Surgical preparation of the jaw for prosthetic placement.