The new specialized dental clinic Medsom-M has X-ray for, panoramic mouth X-rays FONA XPan DG (product of the internationally acclaimed Slovak concern FONA DENTAL), as well as one of the newest digital X-ray machine with intraoral sensor by the MyRay company (Italy), they make it easier to:
- make personalized computer settings, regulated by an electronic interface, part of the machine itself. This is a plus when it comes to dealing with the specific patient’s structure;
- use the wide range of programs in accordance with the anatomical shape of the jaw line in each patient;
- provide a much easier movement, extreme ergonomics and mobility of the machines – which is of great importance when it comes to achieving quicker results, as well as a completely painless and comfortable X-ray examination;
- it provides the least amount of ionizing radiation.
The scans are available after only a couple of seconds in the lead dentist, dealing with this specific treatment. They can also be given as a digital or print copy, as well as to be sent to the patient’s personal e-mail.

Information for the patient
The X-ray treatment is used in Dentistry in order to diagnose different diseases and traumas on the teeth and jaws. With the help of the X-ray scan it can be determined:
- the number, size and place of the teeth;
- presence of unerupted or broken teeth;
- bone changes as a result of periodontitis and osteomyelitis;
- presence of granuloma;
- fractures of the jaw and the roots of the teeth;
- presence of bone tumor and cysts;
- other malformations and anomalies in the teeth and jaw bones.

Two methods of scanning are applied:
* Local intraoral X-rays (regular X-ray scan):
A small radiological film in a non see-through cover is pressed to the teeth, or the patient has to bite it, whereas the tube of the X-ray machine is pressed to the outside of the patient’s cheek. By this a scan of only a few teeth at a time is produced.
* Extraoral (panoramic) X-ray of the teeth and jaw:
A special X-ray machine, called orthopantomograph, is used. With it the whole X-ray tube is moved around the patient’s head, and along with that the film is rotated in the opposite direction in a specialized compartment. Using this method a complete and panoramic image of the lower and upper jaw is created.

Before you undergo an X-ray treatment take under consideration the following::
Statistically speaking it is calculated that in one in a million cases, there is a risk being created of developing cancer, as a result of Dental radiography.
In order to protect you the dentist who is treating you can decide if there is an actual need of an X-ray scan, and also what type it has to be.
The X-ray laboratory expert provides you with a protective cover, in order to protect you from the unneeded radiation the thyroid gland. When a panoramic scan is performed the patient puts on a protective coat, to cover the entire body.
Children are twice as sensitive to the treatment with ionizing radiation as the adults. The program for pediatric panoramic X-ray scans is specifically created according to the child’s anatomy and it also reduces the time and level of radiation exposure.
During pregnancy it is important to know that the embryo and the baby are much more sensitive, and that is why the unnecessary X-ray scans are to be omitted. Please warn your doctor if you think you might be pregnant, in order to protect you completely!