CAD CAM dental project

CAD CAM dental project

Production of dental ceramic crowns, veneers and bridges with Cad Cam system.

The evolution of new technologies has contributed to the development of dentistry in every field - prosthetic implantation, aesthetic and prosthetic dentistry.

The digital planning has become a leading technology in dentistry to achieve a harmonious smile.

Digital and numeric systems in dentistry have given a strong impetus to the production of aesthetic prosthetic structures.

It was the development of these technologies that made it possible to make dental crowns, veneers and bridges for the patient with just one visit.

In today's article we will look at a project used for the production of digital ceramic crowns in the frontal area with the help of CAD / CAM technologies and Smile Design.

Step 1:

After a thorough consultation, the patient's teeth are scanned using an intraoral scanner, which makes the future model of the prosthetic structure as accurate and precise as possible, fully compliant with the aesthetic characteristics of the patient.

Step 2:

With the help of the prepared 3D model, bearing the characteristic features of the patient, the desired shape and harmony of the smile and the bite is created.

Step 3:

The already prepared 3D model is digitally transferred to the patient's natural teeth so that he can assess whether his aesthetic desires are fulfilled.

Step 4:

This stage is related to the preparation of the patient's natural teeth for the placement of the ceramic crowns. The natural tooth is sharpened by the dentist in the amount of about 2 mm.

The procedure is absolutely painless, and the patient does not feel any discomfort.

Step 5:

The teeth are scanned again, after which temporary dental crowns are placed to avoid the discomfort of the patient's sharpened teeth. This is a temporary measure until the permanent crowns are completely ready.

Step 6:

Installation of permanent ceramic veneers, which are carefully glued to the teeth. After their constant cementing, a brilliant and harmonious smile is achieved.

The introduction of CAD / CAM methods in aesthetic and prosthetic dentistry necessitated the partial or complete elimination of the existing analog methods for restoration of fractured dental crowns.

The Digital dentistry, in combination with high and modern technologies, allows the shape of the smile to be planned entirely digitally. This gives the patient the indispensable opportunity to immediately see exactly what his new smile will look like.

Digital planning also provides very good comfort - it does not require the patient to stand still, but can actively participate in the creative process.

Thus, a completely new process of working interaction between the dentist and the patient on the dentist's chair appears.

At Medstom Dental Clinic, we believe that the teeth we create must be harmonious, unchanging over time, with the right color. We achieve all this simultaneously with high professionalism and modern technologies.

What are the latest trends in the cosmetic dentistry?

The latest trends in aesthetic dentistry testify to the imperceptible intervention of the aesthetic dentist. The dazzling white smile with square and straight teeth has long been out of date.

Our patients increasingly prefer a natural vision that does not even show the intervention of the dentist. That is why when making digital smile planning and tooth design, natural shapes are used.


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