Dental implantation in one visit using CAD / CAM

Dental implantation in one visit using CAD / CAM

Placement of dental implants in Bulgaria, modeled using a CAD / CAM system, allows patients to restore missing teeth within a few days.

Many of our patients consider the complex restoration with dental implants and their immediate loading with ceramic crowns or bridges in one visit to be science fiction, which is not applicable in practice.

The revolutionary discoveries in CAD / CAM technologies provide many opportunities to take treatment to a whole new level, which is unparalleled on the market.
Dental implants are a procedure that allows patients to restore missing teeth in just a few days.

The dental implant is made of alloplastic material, which is surgically placed (through an implant guide) in the jaw bones, replacing the missing teeth and completely restoring their functions (chewing and phonetic).

In their 20 years of practice, our implant team has placed different types of dental implants. It has been proven that the human body accepts and adapts to different types of dental implants (basal implants, classic or screw dental implants), which partially or completely replace natural teeth and the functions they perform.

Dental implants are made of materials that do not cause immune or toxic reactions.

Implantology as a science occupies an increasing share of dental medicine. It is this rapid development that has developed various methods to provide maximum comfort for patients who have chosen this type of treatment.

CAD / CAM in dental implantation

The CAD-CAM system is a fully digitalized design of the dentitions. With its help, custom 3D crowns and dental bridges can be created to match perfectly with the individual characteristics of the patient.

With the accuracy and reliability of the modern production processes of the CAD-CAM system, amazing accuracy is achieved when scanning the oral cavity, which helps in the manufacture of individual prosthetic structures.


The CAD-CAM system contains a lot of three-dimensional data, shows the achievable and its limits.

Digital dentistry plays a crucial role in communication between doctor and patient, as the patient can gain a clear and accurate idea of ​​the upcoming treatment.

The technology answers many questions, such as what is the functionality of the prosthetic structure and what is their guarantee over time.

At Medstom dental clinics, we chose CAD-CAM technology to close the circle between patient, dentist and dental laboratory.

The old methods of tooth restoration are still used, namely by sending the impressions to dental laboratories for fabrication. With this method, it often happens that the model may not be accurate enough and may have to be returned to the dental laboratory for correction and / or finalized on the spot by the dentist. This is associated with inconvenience to the patient, as well as his repeated visits to the dentist's office.


Clinical treatment plan:

  1. Age at first visit: 18 years;
  2. First visit: 20 November 2020;
  3. Completion of active treatment: 25 November 2020.

Introduction and background:

The 18-year-old patient was admitted to Medstom dental clinics after suffering an accident that resulted in a severe fracture of the upper front teeth - 21 and 11.

The patient is in good general condition, no common diseases or concomitant allergies.

On his first visit to the clinic, the patient complained about the appearance of his teeth, wishing to restore them with high aesthetics and functionality.

Status before treatment with dental implants:

  • Teeth 21 and 11 are missing;
  • Healthy residual dentition;
  • No abrasion or abrasion.


  • Satisfactory oral hygiene and plaque removal;
  • No data on fracture of the alveolar ridge or jaw;
  • Single areas with slightly inflamed gingiva;
  • Strong and stable periodontium with minimal formation of pockets;
  • Lack of removable teeth;
  • Intact functional pockets.

X-ray examination:

  • Good bone level;
  • Presence of roots of teeth 21 and 11;
  • Lack of caries.

Diagnosis and prognosis during treatment:

  1. Healthy periodontium;
  2. Very good prognosis for all teeth.

Active clinical treatment:

The panoramic radiography revealed the presence of deeply fractured teeth 21 and 11.

The treatment began with extraction of the two roots of teeth 21 and 11, revision of the extraction wound and its suturing.

In order to restore the masticatory function and the aesthetic appearance of the patient as quickly as possible, our team considered that the placement of basal immediate implants is the best solution in this case.

From the first visit it became clear that the patient's case is extremely delicate, and the reason is age and what effect the treatment would have on his overall self-esteem.

Our team took the time to plan treatment to improve the patient's appearance and restore his self-esteem.В следващото посещение извършихме цялостен преглед и изготвихме фото документация. Накрая насрочихме посещение за провеждане на клинична орална хирургия за поставяне на двата импланта в челюстта.

The basal implants were placed in the jawbone after three days. We chose basal compression implants (TPG), which allow immediate loading with a prosthetic structure. Due to the trauma inflicted on the soft tissues, as well as the future atrophy of the bone, we chose to place a temporary structure for a period of 3 months, after which it will be replaced with a permanent zirconium structure.

Final completion of treatment with implants and CAD / CAM crowns

Final completion of the treatment was done by placing (cementing) the CAD / CAM crowns, while performing an analysis of the possibilities for hygiene at home and checking the soft tissue status.

In conclusion, the CAD-CAM system allows us to work with high precision. With it we can in one visit make the most accurate and precise construction, corresponding to all biological and anatomical features of the patient.


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