Missing teeth deteriorate the bone structure, weaken the surrounding teeth, make you feel insecure. Dental implant treatment solves this problem!

Dental implant treatment is an effective, natural and permanent solution for one or more missing teeth. The perfect candidate for dental implants must have good oral health and a strong jawbone. And in general, experts in the field are of the opinion that implants are the best solution in these cases. And the most frequently asked questions in dental implant clinics are:

1. Is everyone suitable for an implant?

The specialists from the “Medstom” dental implant clinics in Sofia are adamant that almost every person who is missing teeth and is in good health is suitable for treatment with implants. This is irrespective of whether he suffers from osteoporosis, diabetes or is a smoker, if he maintains healthy blood sugar levels, there is no risk.

2. Will it hurt me?

A local anaesthetic is given during this intervention. And the procedure itself is completely painless.

3. Which implant should I choose?

In the clinics for dental implants "Medstom" recommend basal implants, resulting from the development and improvement of surgical techniques based on the vast experience in orthopedic surgery and dental implantation. The main difference of basal implants from classic implants is in their placement. Conventional implants are placed in the spongiosa (soft bone) and one has to wait a period of about 6 months for final ossification and subsequent loading with constructs. Whereas basal implants are placed directly into the compact bone (hard bone) and no time is needed for bone adaptation of the implant to the bone, so they can be loaded with constructs immediately.

4. Is dental implant treatment expensive?

“Medstom” Dental Clinics have prepared special package prices for the placement of different types of implants. They depend on the number of implants placed in the jaw, as well as the choice of the type of structures. Here again, basal implants are recommended. The cost of this treatment is many times cheaper because it does not need bone substitutes, sinus lifting, etc.

5. How long does an implant last?

With regular checkups (once every 6 months), good hygiene and good general health, there is no reason for a problem to occur with the implant placed. You should care for dental implants in the same way you would care for your natural teeth. And they are guaranteed by the manufacturer for life.
After all, tooth loss for one reason or another is a fact of life sooner or later. And it can lead to loss of facial contours, deterioration of the remaining teeth, of the bite, of the person's nutrition and of their self-esteem. Dental implants are indistinguishable from natural teeth, they assure in the dental implant clinic in Sofia "Medstom". You can get your smile back and you'll have the confidence to eat anything you like - no need to avoid those steaks, apples or crusty bread anymore.


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