Dental tourism is increasingly popular

Dental tourism is increasingly popular

Bulgaria is in the top 3 countries for dental tourism in Europe.

In recent years, dental tourism has grown dynamically both in quality and scope. In more advanced countries, visiting a dentist and maintaining dental health is very costly and requires considerable resources. This is why most people in Western Europe ignore dental problems until they become impossible to ignore.

As far as dental tourism is concerned, it is nothing new. In order to obtain higher quality at a lower price, many people from high-standard countries visit countries such as Bulgaria, for example. Here, various dental manipulations, such as the placement of implants, crowns, dentures, etc. are performed at much more affordable price packages, and the quality of work and materials is at a high level. In dental tourism, an advantage is also the possibility for patients to have a few days off before or after dental treatment.

The benefits of dental tourism are several:

  • low cost;
  • quality and safety;
  • guarantees;
  • a combination of holidays and dental treatment.

And Bulgaria is in the top 3 countries for dental tourism. It ranks second in the European Union in the number of dentists per 100,000 population, according to the latest Eurostat analysis of specialised medical staff in the EU-28. This is why in recent years dental tourism in Bulgaria has become an increasingly attractive destination for this type of dental excursions, combining useful treatment with pleasant relaxation! And this is thanks to:

  1. Highly qualified dentists. Most of them speak languages - English, French, German, which makes it easier and attracts foreign patients;
  2. The modern equipment, world-class;
  3. High quality materials with guarantees;
  4. Tourist opportunities. Around Sofia, for example, there are amazing natural features, cultural and historical attractions. Our country has a mild and favourable climate and the hotels are world-class.

Of course, here more and more companies are engaged in organizing dental tourism. They take care of all the details related to such trips for dental treatment, preparation of documents, hotel reservations, medical intermediary services, tourist visits, etc. And the clinics welcoming and treating foreigners are at a competitive level.

Medstom Dental Clinics in Sofia are one of the most prestigious in the area and offer:

  • Affordable prices for dental treatment in travel packages and the materials used are of high quality, manufactured in Switzerland, France and the USA;
  • Before the patient's trip, Medstom prepares a financial and treatment plan;
  • Fast results, even in implantology. With the innovative basal implants, which are placed directly into the compact bone (hard bone) and no time is needed for bone adaptation of the implant with the bone and can be immediately loaded with constructs, maximum results are achieved in a short time;
  • Guarantee - highest quality of service and individual patient care. Medstom Dental Clinics guarantee services fully equivalent and even exceeding in quality other clinics in Europe! Medstom clinics have been working for 19 years with highly qualified specialists in all dental fields / implantology, surgery, aesthetics, prosthetics, etc. / and helping people;
  • Modern equipment, innovative technologies, 2D and 3D X-rays in both dental clinics in the heart of Sofia;
  • Easy access and service in several different languages /French, English, Italian, etc/;
  • A dental tourism manager assists patients with their travel arrangements;
  • The motto of “Medstom” Clinic is: "CARE AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR HEALTH".

Considering all of the above, many foreigners can successfully take advantage of the opportunities for dental tourism in Bulgaria and, in particular, the high-quality dental treatment at “Medstom” Dental Clinics, combining first-class dental treatment and an unforgettable vacation, amidst the beautiful scenery of our country.


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