Endodontics whitening - a conservative solution for a beautiful smile

Endodontics whitening - a conservative solution for a beautiful smile

Endodontics | Endodontic treatment with Medstom, learn more how to treat endodontics to get beautiful smile


Damage of the aesthetics of the smile can be due to many reasons - one of them is endodontic dental treatment. Endodontic treatment of one tooth is necessary for various reasons:

  • In pulpitis - in the absence of caries, the process reaches the nerve of the tooth and grows into pulpitis. This process is characterized by inflammation, which is localized in the root system of the tooth and very often occurs with severe throbbing pain in the tooth;
  • In periodontitis - they form a granuloma around the root of the tooth, ie. the inflammation is located in the surrounding bone. The reasons for their occurrence are different - in asymptomatic pulpitis, in already performed endodontic treatment, etc;
  • In case of injuries - in case of fractures that are accompanied by communication with the pulp (in some cases) or in case of more serious injuries, the blood-nerve bundle to the tooth may be interrupted and this may lead to the death of the tooth. Often this process is asymptomatic and patients only become aware of the problem when it is complicated;
  • Bruxism and brusomania - these are conditions that are characterized by increased tone of the masticatory muscles and is manifested by strong squeezing or slipping of the teeth. As a result of the chronic trauma to which the teeth are subjected, self-killing of the teeth can occur.

Endodontic treatment

During endodontic treatment, patients sometimes complain of a change in the color of the treated tooth over time, which can be a big problem, especially if it is in the aesthetic area. These changes may be due to poor cleaning of the root system during the treatment of the tooth, which leaves blood or when using materials that have the side effect of tooth discoloration.

In such cases, the problem of aesthetics can be solved in several ways - with endodontic whitening, veneer, crown and more. The advantage of endodontic whitening is its conservatism - it does not take away hard tooth tissue, but with the help of a whitening agent, which is placed inside the pulp chamber of the tooth to remove discoloration.

How to treat endodontics

The manipulation proceeds as follows - at the first visit the old obturation (seal) is removed and the pulp chamber is cleaned of the filling material. A substrate is then made to insulate the root system, as if the bleaching agent penetrates deep, it can lead to root resorption. Finally, the bleaching material is applied and sealed. The peculiarity of this type of whitening is that in order to achieve the desired effect it takes time and several visits. This is due to the fact that the whitening material loses its activity after a few days (this depends on its concentration) and must be replaced until the natural color of the tooth is reached. At the final visit, the bleaching agent is removed and finally restored with obturation.

The last words about endodontics

The modern concept of dental medicine is the minimally invasive, ie conservative approach to treatment. It is with its biologically gentle nature that endodontic whitening becomes a preferred method of treatment by both dentists and patients. Removing the discoloration not only restores the beauty of the smile, but also improves self-confidence, which is the key to people's success.


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