How oral health affects the whole body

How oral health affects the whole body

Good oral hygiene protects against various oral infections that can damage the general condition of the human body.

The oral cavity plays the role of the neck, leading to the digestive and respiratory tracts of the body. For this reason, it is extremely important to maintain the health of the oral cavity and prevent the entry of harmful invaders.

Lack of oral hygiene can lead to various problems that can damage your overall health. For example, hormonal changes, lack of saliva or some other stomach disorders.

When harmful bacteria enter the human oral cavity, they form plaque that builds up on the teeth. In large quantities, it can infect teeth and gums. As a result, gingivitis, periodontitis or other more serious infections may develop.

What can an oral infection lead to?

  • Endocarditis - This is an inflammatory disease of the endocardium of the heart and heart valves caused by a microbial infection. Monocarditis can be acute or subacute, depending on the clinical picture. It usually develops when bacteria spread through your blood and attach to areas in the heart.
  • Cardiovascular diseases - Often the manifestation of this type of disease is caused by the accumulation of plaque in the oral cavity. Neglecting its timely cleaning can lead to thickening and hardening of the arterial walls, leading to heart attack or stroke.
  • Pneumonia - The presence of oral pathogens associated with gum infection is known to increase the risk of developing or escalating an existing respiratory disease.
  • Weakened immune system - An excess of harmful bacteria in the gums can create a serious imbalance in the gums. This in turn weakens the immune system, leading to a weakening of the immune system.      

How to prevent oral infection:

  • Visiting a dentist regularly (at least twice a year) allows the dentist to monitor the current health of your oral cavity;
  • Using mouthwash is the best way to prevent the spread of bacteria and plaque in the mouth;
  • The use of thread and frequent brush changes are extremely important to reduce bacteria.

Dentists at Medstom dental clinics recommend that you do not ignore even the slightest discomfort in your oral cavity.


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