Is teeth whitening harmful?

Is teeth whitening harmful?

Teeth whitening changes the color of the enamel, removing organic stains on them

A frequently asked question in our practice is "Is teeth whitening harmful?"

With the advancement of medical training in dentistry, whitening becomes a completely routine procedure that is not accompanied by side effects and discomfort.

Why do stained teeth?

Every day our teeth interact with various substances that more or less leave traces on them. Thus, a thin biofilm is formed on the tooth enamel, which seals the stains on them. The most common causes of darkening of the teeth are:

  • Consumption of coloring foods and beverages, such as coffee, wine, carbonated beverages, soy sauce;
  • Excessive smoking;
  • Poor dental and oral hygiene.

It is important to note that with age, the teeth become darker, this is because the enamel dulls and the darker dentin is visible from below.

What do we need to know about teeth whitening?

Innovations in the production of new and gentle materials and bleaching agents make the procedure more accessible and safe. The effect we observe is many times better than before.

There are various whitening methods - gels, pastes, pens, strips and more. As specialists, we advise you not to experiment on your own, but to trust dental professionals. They will help you choose the most appropriate procedure for the specifics of your teeth, while guaranteeing you effective results.

What types of teeth whitening do we know?

Bleaching can be office and home. In the office whitening, one clinical visit is required, and the result is visible immediately. Home whitening is used as a supportive. It is performed at home, using braces made from tooth impressions. The result is visible again after the first procedure, and the duration of bleaching is 2 weeks. If necessary, a supportive color refresh can be done.

What are the expected results for teeth whitning?

The expected results are strictly individual for each patient. Because there are a number of invoices that can affect the effect of the procedure itself - anatomy, age, dental condition and hygiene habits. Practice shows that teeth with a yellow tint have better results than those with a gray or brown tint.


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