Medstom celebrates 19 years since its founding

Medstom celebrates 19 years since its founding

Medstom Dental Clinics celebrates 19 years since its founding. Care and responsibility for the health of patients.

On July 1, 2021, Medstom Dental Clinic celebrates its 19th anniversary. In 2002 we laid the foundations under the motto "Care and responsibility for your health - good service in a comfortable environment", the motto that still leads us today. We have proven to be an established name and a leader in the provision of dental services in Bulgaria. Over the years, we have successfully developed partnerships with prominent international manufacturers of high quality modern dental materials and equipment. Thanks to which today Medstom dental clinics have the most modern devices that meet the highest quality standards.

Dr. Gassan Mohamed, as owner and manager, thanked the entire team, past and present, for their professionalism, for raising the motto of the clinics and dedication to the profession.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank all the patients at Medstom Dental Clinics who have trusted us over the years. From the beginning, they are our best source of motivation. Many of them grew before our eyes. From young and old, today they are young men and women who have children of their own. Another part of our patients moved to other countries, however, although they rarely return to see us. This loyalty means a lot to us. It is a recognition that shows the way we have come so far. The feeling of meeting all these people again and again is very pleasant and exciting, but at the same time it is associated with great responsibility. "”

Following the ideas for development and continuous improvement and expansion of the activity - Dr. Gassan Mohamed opened the doors of a specialized dental clinic for implantology and aesthetic dentistry in Sofia, Bulgaria, namely Medstom "Stambolov" in 2012, where he welcomes his patients from around the world.

In 2020, Medstom dental clinics will acquire an intraoral scanning system, as well as a 3D printer for making dental crowns and bridges. And in 2021 Medstom already has complete digital dental equipment with a Cad-cam system for the precise fabrication of 3D bridges, crowns, as well as veneers of zirconium, ceramics and composite crowns and bridges.

Dr. Gassan Mohamed and the team of Medstom dental clinics set even higher goals for the future to meet the high demands of patients.


Dental Clinic Medstom

Adress: 1000 Sofia 26 А, "Knyaz Aleksandar Dondukov" Blvd.
Tel.: +359 2 981 00 00
Mobile: +359 896 693 220

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Sunday: a day off

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