Orthodontics or what we need to know about children

Orthodontics or what we need to know about children

Why is early orthodontic treatment important in children? follow the tips of Medstom Dental Clinic for Orthodontic Treatment

Does your child have problems with the arrangement of the teeth or an incorrect bite?

This makes him uncomfortable and difficult to clean and maintain good oral hygiene, which carries risks of tooth loss in early childhood.

The good news is that problems with unruly baby teeth can be solved with the help of an orthodontist to put the children's mouths in order.

Oral and dental care for children should begin before the child's 8th birthday.

Every child must be examined by a pediatric orthodontist to identify and diagnose problems in the maxillofacial area, as well as to improve overall dental health and take care of the appearance of your child's smile.

It is best to do this when the child is 2-3 years old and no later than 7 years old

A good orthodontist should review and assess what, how and when to prescribe the appropriate treatment for the child's needs.

The earlier a visit to a pediatric orthodontist is scheduled, the easier it will be to eliminate and correct his problems.

This is because some problems are eliminated much more easily in early childhood.

Why is early orthodontic treatment important in children?

Early orthodontic treatment in children is very important because it helps for better oral hygiene, improves chewing functions, maintains straight dentition.

The first phase of orthodontic treatment has an orthopedic effect and aims to balance the forces between the tongue and facial muscles, which contributes to proper tooth, facial and jaw growth (between 7 and 9 years).

What do we need to know about late orthodontic treatment?

Late orthodontic treatment begins between the ages of 10-12 in girls and at the age of 12-14 in boys.

In case you miss the early treatment by an orthodontist after the eruption of permanent teeth, a complete orthodontic treatment is performed.

Braces (metal, ceramic or sapphire), liners or extraoral devices are placed if necessary, in order to arrange crooked teeth and improve the bite.

Why trust Medstom Dental Clinic for Orthodontic Treatment?

Medstom Dental Clinics is one of the best dental practices in Sofia. The 18-year-old proven professionalism has created over 195,000 loyal patients around the world and in Bulgaria.

The two modern dental clinics in the center of Sofia have 12 highly qualified specialists and the best dental equipment in the country.

With us you will find dental care for each of your individual problems - pediatric dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics and aesthetic dentistry - placement of veneers and braces, and our implant specialists will restore your missing teeth.


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