What causes stained teeth?

What causes stained teeth?

Teeth Stains from a medical point, they can rarely be a serious cause for concern but aesthetics and your personal comfort require prevention and treatment

Teeth Stains.

Have you noticed white spots on your teeth? From a medical point of view, they can rarely be a serious cause for concern, but aesthetics and your personal comfort require prevention and treatment.

One of the causes of Teeth Stains is dental fluorosis.

In essence, it is a defect of hard dental tissues caused by the accumulation of more fluoride than optimal.

Fluoride is found in both mineral and mouthwashes.

It is a natural material and prevents tooth decay. It is also necessary for the formation and strength of tooth enamel, but increasing the amount of fluoride leads to adverse effects on teeth.

Dental fluorosis most often occurs in childhood, before the appearance of permanent teeth. The symptoms are associated with white spots, which can change from yellow-brown to black, retaining dental plaque and leading to tooth decay in more severe forms and stages of development.

It often appears on the teeth of children living in areas with drinking water containing more fluoride than optimal or consuming mineral water unsuitable for them. Therefore, when buying bottled mineral water, it is necessary to see the fluoride content and whether it is suitable for consumption depending on the age of the child.

As specialists, we advise you not to allow children to take only mineral water due to the higher amount of fluoride, but to alternate with spring and tap water.

Optimal doses of fluoride for children:

  • From 6 months to 3 years - 0.25 mg;
  • After 3 years - 500 ppm fluorine.

Do not use other forms of fluoride prophylaxis, such as gels and varnishes, fluoride tablets and their use, without consulting your dentist.

Foods rich in fluoride are nuts, such as almonds, carrots, spinach, garlic, tomatoes, beets and oats.

Treatment stained teeth

In the mildest forms of fluorosis, white spots can be treated with remenilizing therapy.

Icon therapy is a therapeutic bridge between prophylaxis and fillings. With it, the lesion optically merges with the healthy enamel. Thus, Icon penetrates deep into the hard tooth tissues and thus the damaged tissue is replaced by organic polymers.

The product is most often used for front teeth, where aesthetics are most important.

In more severe forms of dental fluorosis, veneers are applicable to restore your comfort and smile.


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