What to do if the tooth filling falls off?

What to do if the tooth filling falls off?

Tips of Medstom, When the tooth filling falls off, we should visit the dentist

Tooth filling.

It often happens that you may need dental emergency care when you least expect it.

Whether your tooth filling has fallen out or your tooth is broken, you should go to the emergency room. This will save you pain and prevent further damage to the tooth or gum.

However, it is important to know what you need to do to protect your teeth.

When the tooth filling falls off, it is important to specify the cause, it is not always related to external factors, such as the consumption of solid or sticky foods.

The reasons for its fall may be long-term changes in the oral cavity.

No matter how well the tooth filling is made, it is a repair of an already broken tooth. To keep the tooth filling longer, it is important to follow good oral hygiene to keep your teeth healthy.

As scary as it may seem, when you feel that the seal has fallen off, it is important to remain calm.

Here are a few steps to help you reduce your discomfort for the tooth filling

• Carefully clean the area where the tooth filling was

As the tooth filling falls, the tooth becomes vulnerable to food debris. While waiting for your dentist to see you, carefully clean the area and do not allow leftover food to irritate it.

• Use temporary materials to preserve the site of the tooth filling

Check with your pharmacy for temporary materials that you can use to fill the cavity in your tooth to seal the crown and avoid irritation. You can use dental wax or temporary tooth fillings, which are sold freely without a prescription, and shape it on the cavity.

• Take a painkiller

When the toothfilling falls out, the tooth remains unprotected, which exposes the nerves to various irritations.

Our recommendation is that when you experience pain or severe discomfort, it is good to take a painkiller to relieve the condition of the tooth.

Without tooth fillings, the tooth is vulnerable to infections, so taking certain medications can help your body fight the bacteria that attack it.

It is important to note that even if you do not feel pain at the site of injury, you should visit your dentist to prevent side effects.

• Be careful how and what you eat to protect the tooth filling

Be especially careful when eating and avoid putting pressure on the affected tooth. Chew on the opposite side to minimize the risk of cracking the tooth during eating.

Be careful what types of foods you eat. Certain foods, such as apples and apples or nuts, are hard, which requires some extra effort to chew properly. These foods can put pressure on your teeth while chewing, we recommend that you stick to soft foods such as yogurt and bananas.

• Use temporary materials to preserve the site of tooth filling


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