With children at Pediatric dentist: What to watch out for?

With children at Pediatric dentist: What to watch out for?

From Medstom dental clinics we share with you a few steps to build the right relationship between the child and the dentist

Pediatric dentist.

The first visit to the dentist can be very stressful for both the child and the parent. To alleviate the horror on both sides, this is the task of the pediatric dentist.

The child should be approached carefully, with lots of smiles, patience and trust. Thus, in Medstom dental clinics we manage to win over and predispose the kids, who are among our favorite patients.

In order for the child to go willingly to the dentist's office, it is very important to make the meeting between them in the first year, so the child will get used to the doctor and the peculiarities of regular visits.

This first meeting builds mutual trust, because on the basis of the information we receive from the parents, we determine the hygienic status of the child, assess the possible risk of early caries or identify the danger of errors in the child's diet or some of its harmful habits.

The relationship between children and the pediatric dentist

Here are a few steps that will help you build a stable relationship between the dental professional and the child, which will undoubtedly make it easier for you as parents:

  1. Before visiting the dentist, it is good to prepare the child with a variety of educational materials to help him build a positive image for the specialist. You can use associations such as the tooth fairy and proper oral hygiene books;
  2. Brushing teeth - when children's teeth are clean, this will help the work of the specialist, while providing better visibility;
  3. If possible, make an appointment in the morning, then the children are relaxed, calm and in a good mood;
  4. Visit the pediatric dentist after a meal, then less saliva is formed, which increases the quality of work;
  5. If you have previous, unsuccessful experience in the dental office, it is a good idea to inform your dentist;
  6. It is very important at the first visit to make only an examination in order to be able to adapt to the place, the specialist and the situation;
  7. As parents, you should not take attitude when the doctor communicates with the child;
  8. After visiting the dentist, encourage the child with favorite toys, food, walks to the favorite playground and other positive experiences.

Dental care for children

Dental and oral health care is important, and is part of the health care of the whole body.

This process begins at an early infancy, goes through the eruption of the first baby teeth. When the child already has four teeth, then start cleaning them with a small brush or thimble and a small amount of toothpaste. It is then that the first visit to the dentist should take place, which is expressed in a consultation for the parent and in which the way of eating and cleaning the teeth is discussed as part of their care.

When the child is between 2-3 years old, then you should start with the preparation for self-entry into the dental office and a preventive examination.

The words - fear, scary, pain, machines, needles are NOT used in the preparation of children.

Older children who have already gone to the dentist and continue to experience fear are different cases and require more patience in order to provide quality treatment. We will give you tips to follow together, in collaboration between a dentist and a parent. You should be prepared for any longer treatment. In this way the desired result is achieved.


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