Aesthetic Dentistry

The aesthetic stomatology includes cleaning of tartar and whitening with universal whitening systems, whitening with cold eyed lamp, braces, crown of a tooth, facets.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is the part of dentistry that takes care of a beautiful and harmonious smile.

Aesthetic dentistry includes cleaning tartar, building a tooth, placing a dental crown and veneers.

We at Medstom dental clinics will provide an aesthetic solution to your every problem. We will offer you the most modern and innovative methods to achieve a brilliant smile with the best aesthetic dentists.

Aesthetic dentistry is divided into two types - white and red.
The white aesthetic includes the size of the tooth, the shape, and the position, while the red aesthetic takes care of the gum's condition - its contour, the relief, and what part of it will be visible when smiling.
In some patients, the so-called "gingival smile" is observed, in which too much of the gum is seen.Thanks to aesthetic dentistry, this problem can be corrected by placing braces and changing the gums' position, combined with light surgery and veneers.

Healthy and white teeth, arranged properly, will never go out of style or go unnoticed. That is why in Medstom dental clinics, we have dedicated our time and efforts to find new ways to improve the smile's aesthetics.

We use the latest methods, technologies and materials for aesthetic dentistry:

  • Porcelain veneers - veneers are an effective solution for changing stained, broken, chipped, discolored, crooked and thin teeth, and even reviving old crowns or bridges. They can also be used for permanent teeth whitening without the characteristic darkening of standard gel whitening. The good thing about veneers is that there are no age restrictions. If your bones and gums are healthy, age is not a limiting factor;

  • Zirconia crowns - fractured or devitalized teeth are protected thanks to the crowns. The crowns are made of ceramic and zirconium, thus getting as close as possible to the natural structure and transparency of the tooth;

  • Bonding - this is an aesthetic procedure that is an alternative to veneering - non-invasive and without a recovery period. Bonding is a solution when you want to achieve a beautiful smile in a short time;

  • Teeth whitening - there are two types of teeth whitening - clinical and home. Clinical whitening requires a visit to the dentist's office, and the result is visible immediately after the procedure. When whitening teeth at home, a splint made from tooth impressions is used. The result is again visible after the first procedure, as the teeth whitening lasts 2 weeks. If necessary, a supportive color refresh can be done.

The dream smile with us is possible, as we strive to meet all your individual requirements.
Our doctors and dental assistants are leading specialists in the field of aesthetic dentistry.
Thanks to our specialists, you can get your dream smile and be irresistible with minimally invasive procedures.

Specialists Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr. Munir Ondos

Dr. Munir Ondos

Specialist-dentist, oral surgeon in Sofia. His interests are related to tooth extraction, treatment of granulomas and cysts.

Dr. Munir Ondos started his higher education in 2002 at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University –Sofia and in 2008 acquires a Master’ ...

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Dr. Dobromir Dimov

Dr. Dobromir Dimov

Specialist-dentist in aesthetic dentistry in Sofia. He deals with teeth whitening, tooth building through crowns and veneers.

Dr. Dobromir Dimov graduated the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University - Sofia in 2002. He continues his professional development by attendi ...

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Dr. Fadi Mohamed

Dr. Fadi Mohamed

Dentist in Sofia. His main interests are in the field of prosthetics, oral surgery, implantology and placement of dental implants.

Dr. Fadi Mohamed graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Medical University, Sofia in 2020 During his studies, he worked for several years as a de ...

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