CAD-CAM System: Innovative 3D Dentistry

Dental 3D technology for construction and production of dental crowns and dental bridges.

CAD-CAM System: Innovative 3D Dentistry

3D technology and virtual engineering have penetrated everyone's daily life, while penetrating all areas of life and work.
Examples of this are three-dimensional visualization and virtual reality, 3D printing, 3D scanning and tomography, which have a positive impact on the development of various industries and sectors of business and services, including and medicine.

Undoubtedly, technology has a key role in the evolution and development of medicine in all its forms.

Many scientific developments are fast becoming a reality and help people to live and work better in various ways. In medicine, the use of 3D technologies is developing in different directions, and in recent years there has been a very intensive application of technologies in the dental field.

This is thanks to CAD / CAM systems, with the help of which the design and production of implants have been placed on a functionally new level, which has no analogue compared to the existing methods.

The development of a prosthetic structure on a situational digital model is necessary for the proper planning of a treatment, it is also extremely important for the success of the final construction.

Why are CAD-CAM technologies useful in dentistry?

The CAD-CAM system is a fully digitalized design of the dentitions. With its help, custom 3D crowns and dental bridges can be created to match perfectly with the individual characteristics of the patient.
With the accuracy and reliability of modern production processes of the CAD-CAM system, amazing accuracy is achieved when scanning the oral cavity, which helps in the manufacture of individual prosthetic structures.

The CAD-CAM system contains a lot of three-dimensional data, shows the achievable and its limits.

Digital dentistry also plays a key role in physician-patient communication, as the patient can gain a clear and accurate picture of the upcoming treatment.

The technology answers many questions, such as what is the functionality of the prosthetic structure and what is their guarantee overtime.

At Medstom dental clinics, we chose CAD-CAM technology to close the circle between the patient, dentist, and dental laboratory.

Many clinics in Bulgaria still rely on outdated methods for tooth restoration, namely by sending the impressions to dental laboratories. In addition to being slow, this technology is highly dependent on the skills, experience, and current condition of dental technicians.

It often happens that the model is not accurate enough and has to be either returned to the laboratory for correction and/or finalized on the spot by the dentist. This is associated with inconvenience to the patient, as well as his repeated visits to the dentist's office.

CAD-CAM aesthetics

The combination of proper planning and fabrication of structures through digital models of 3D printers supports the aesthetic value of the manufactured materials. This is possible by achieving harmony by integrating the person into the treatment plan.

In cosmetic dentistry, CAD-CAM systems have an exceptional role, because through them the constructions for the patient can be made absolutely precisely and precisely.

The Smile Design feature of the software gives an accurate 3D image of the jaw arches and the shape of the teeth.
The color determination is extremely accurate, which in turn brings greater satisfaction from the patient.

CAD-CAM models

Steps for working with CAD-CAM technology

Step 1:

Automatic shooting and scanning with the innovative 3shape Trios 3D scanner takes exactly the measure of making a crown / bridge - so as to ensure maximum matching when placing the prosthetic structure.

intraoral scanner

The oral 3D scanner has the following advantages::

  1. Highest scanning technology and accuracy;
  2. Flexible hardware configurations;
  3. A wide range of indications, which allows maximum precision in operation;
  4. Integrated intraoral HD camera for quick and easy color determination;
  5. Dental Smile Design.

Step 2:

CAD-CAM technology uses 3D CAD software that accurately processes the information coming from the scanner, building a three-dimensional model of the scanned object. Thus, under the measure taken, a computer digital form has already been created and can be sent by e-mail or another digital version for approval by the patient. The software includes a wide range of all modules for dental design, without existing restrictions.

Step 3:

Using a 3D CAD printer for three-dimensional modeling of crowns, bridges, bearing inserts, etc., in exchange for the manual shaping of the same from technical wax.
The printer is developed on the basis of revolutionary technology, which has a wide portfolio of materials for 3D printing. With its help, our dentists can quickly and easily make individual spoons, models, surgical guides, prostheses, orthodontic splints, crowns, and bridges of different sizes and personalized shapes for each individual patient.

nextdent printer

Step 4:

When the program has prepared the correct 3D model of the bridge structure, it can be placed on the patient without additional dentist adjustments.
For the production of prosthetic structures, different types of materials can be used - chromium-cobalt alloys, zirconium oxide, and different types of polymers, some of which are suitable for the manufacture of fusible models.

Advantages of the CAD-CAM system in dental medicine

There are several advantages to using 3D dentistry in dental implantation and prosthetic treatment procedures.
Modern computer technologies allow accurate scanning and fabrication of prosthetic structures.

  • High precision in work - the technology allows the implementation of the full set of features compared to conventional methods and principles known in dentistry.
  • Fast manufacturing - an important advantage of CAD-CAM technology over conventional methods is that there is no need to optimize the design from a technological perspective. Physical models with complex shapes can be made that would otherwise be unreasonably expensive or even impossible to make.
  • Choice in the manufacture of different materials - chrome-cobalt alloys, zirconium oxide, and various types of polymers, some of which are suitable for making fusible models.

The CAD-CAM system takes dental production to a whole new level, which currently has no analog with existing conventional techniques, neither as a degree of quality, nor as a speed of production, nor as a value. Here we must add the convenience for patients, who with practically only two visits (taking measures and installation) to the dentist will have a high-quality implant created especially for them.

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