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Medstom Dental Clinics

Medstom Dental Clinic is a Bulgarian company founded by Dr. G. Mohamed, under the motto "Care and responsibility for your health - good service in a comfortable environment."
Medstom Dondukov Dental Clinic opened its doors in 2001, specializing in all international medical standards. Medstom Dondukov Dental Clinic has one of the most modern and up-to-date dental equipment, meeting the highest quality standards in dental practice.

In 2012, Dr. G. Mohammed expanded his business, opening a second specialized clinic for dental implantology and aesthetic dentistry. Medstom "Stambolov", where each patient can rely on an individual approach - from comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

The deployment of modern dental equipment, the use of devices meeting the highest quality standards, high quality materials from leading manufacturers, precise compliance with the principles of septic in sterilization, through its own X-ray laboratory, and work with leading dental laboratories.

Medstom dental clinics have X-ray rooms equipped with high-tech dental equipment. With the help of the new dental technology for 2D and 3D imaging, Medstom patients get their photo result with a clear image in exceptional detail.



Following the ideas of development and continuous improvement of Dr. G. Mohammed, as owner, manager and oral surgeon-implantologist, he buys dental technology of the latest generation. In 2020, Medstom dental clinics will acquire an intraoral scanning system, as well as a 3D printer for modeling dental crowns and bridges.

In 2021, Medstom already has complete digital dental equipment with a Cad-cam system for the precise fabrication of 3D bridges, crowns, as well as veneers of zirconium, ceramics and composite.

Medstom dental clinics are evaluated and approved for compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and cover comprehensive dental care, including: dental implantology, maxillofacial and oral surgery, periodontology, prosthetic care (prosthetics and veneering), conservative and endodontic treatment, aesthetics dentistry, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics.

During 20 years of continuous work, Dr. G. Mohammed as owner, manager and oral surgeon-implantologist, together with his fellow dental specialists, helped tens of thousands of patients and proved high professionalism and good care, applying the most modern methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Now, for our tens of thousands of patients, we are constantly supplementing and enriching the range of dental services offered, constantly analyzing and statistics and archiving all diagnostic and treatment procedures of treatment, because we believe that oral health and general health are inextricably linked.

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Dental Clinic Medstom

Adress: 1000 Sofia 26 А, "Knyaz Aleksandar Dondukov" Blvd.
Tel.: +359 2 981 00 00
Mobile: +359 896 693 220

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Work hours
Monday – Friday: 08:30 – 20:00
Saturday and official holidays: 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday: a day off

Monday – Friday: 11:00 – 17:00
Saturday, Sunday and official holidays: days off

The clinic works with NHIF !
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