Oral Surgery

The oral surgery applies to tooth extraction, sage extraction, cysts of tooth, neuralgia in oral cavity.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery deals with various surgical interventions in the oral cavity, such as tooth extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, tooth cyst.

Oral surgery is required for various types of problems such as tooth extraction and combating complications, removal of cysts, removal of benign tumors, treatment of abscesses or implants. These are some of the most common surgical interventions in surgical dentistry.

In Medstom dental clinics we have a specialized surgical room for treatment and consultations in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Our oral surgeons study the indications and methods of tooth extraction as a manipulation that affects the whole body, not just the oral cavity. Prevention, diagnosis, features of the course, and complex treatment of inflammatory diseases are some of the main tasks in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

The treatment of tumors in the maxillofacial area is characterized by great variety and complexity, which requires modern diagnosis and high professionalism by the oral surgeon.

Surgical dentistry requires a quick and competent diagnosis and correctly placed indications for surgery and their immediate implementation. Every dentist is obliged to provide emergency care when acute inflammatory processes and injuries in the maxillofacial area are observed. Therefore, every oral surgeon must have the necessary knowledge of surgical dentistry.

The professional technological implementation in combination with the modern equipment we have allows continuous, clear visual representation and complex data about the performed procedures, complete safety, exceptional precision, and guaranteed efficiency in the implementation of dental implantation.

Oral surgery deals with the following manipulations:

  • non-operative and operative extractions of teeth and roots;
  • treatment of inflammatory processes and periodontal diseases;
  • surgical treatment of cysts, benign tumors, and maxillary sinus;
  • splinting and fixing of removable periodontal teeth with aesthetic bands;
  • repositioning and fixation of fractured jaws or expulsive (knocked out) teeth;
  • intraoral and extraoral incisions;
  • surgical preparation of jaws for prosthetics.

Specialists Oral Surgery

Dr. Ghassan Mohamed

Dr. Ghassan Mohamed

Specialist-dentist, oral surgeon and implantologist in Sofia, one of the best dentists in implantology and oral surgery.

EDUCATION: Dr. Ghassan Mohamed started his higher education in 1986 at the Faculty of Dental Medicine in the Medical University – Sofia. In 1992, he ...

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Dr. Munir Ondos

Dr. Munir Ondos

Specialist-dentist, oral surgeon in Sofia. His interests are related to tooth extraction, treatment of granulomas and cysts.

Dr. Munir Ondos started his higher education in 2002 at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Medical University –Sofia and in 2008 acquires a Master’ ...

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