Prosthesis Implantation

Dental implantation in Bulgaria: the most modern way to restore the lost teeth is placing a dental implant, with implantation basal method.

Prosthesis Implantation

Dental implantation in Bulgaria is a treatment through dental implants, with a modern method of basal implants, to restore lost teeth, which is gaining more and more popularity.

For the successful implementation of the procedure for placement of dental implants, precise diagnosis and thorough examination are required to clarify all patient characteristics.

Common causes of loss of one or more teeth are congenital malformations, trauma, chronic diseases, or tumors.
These factors adversely affect oral health, leading to tooth loss, which adversely affects digestion, phonetics, aesthetics, and all this affects the appearance and mental state of man.

The most modern and appropriate way to restore lost teeth is to place dental implants.

The word implant comes from the Latin name "plantum" and means "graft," placed in the jawbones surgically. It replaces lost teeth and serves as a support for crowns, bridges, and other types of dentures.

To achieve high implantation success, the dentist must have the necessary qualification in oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthetics, periodontology, and sufficient clinical experience with technical skills.

Classification of the implants:

  1. According to the shape (root, screw, knife-shaped, subperiosteal, needle-shaped);
  2. According to the material (titanium - TINI, bioceramic);
  3. According to the surface (smooth polished, rough retention);
  4. According to the time of implantation (immediate, late delayed);
  5. According to the method of implantation (one-stage-closed, two-stage-open);
  6. According to the position in the bone (spongy, bicortical, transosal).

The most widely used in practice are screw intraoral titanium implants.

• Closed implantation:

This is a classic universal method that provides a late load when the dental implant is placed in the bone (soft bone), 3-5 months is required (the required period for osteointegration-ossification).

The classic, the conventional implant must be adequately loaded with a crown or bridge structure.

Stages of treatment:

Stage 1: After taking a medical history and intraoral clinical examination, together with an X-ray, an incision is made under local anesthesia, where the implant is placed.

Stage 2: After 4-6 months, the dental implant is opened, and a gingival-forming element is placed to form the gum around the implant.

Stage 3: after 10-15 days from the second stage, an impression is taken for a dental laboratory to construct a bridge structure over the dental implant.

Stage 4: placement of the superstructure over the implant and the finished structure, as well as final adhesion.

What are the advantages of closed implantation?

This method of implanting dental implants in Bulgaria, using conventional, classic implants, allows the placement of both single and multiple implants in all areas of the jaws. Simultaneously, it allows for making individual single crowns, which brings a highly aesthetic effect.

One-stage implantation with early loading:

This is a new and innovative treatment method by implantation of basal implants, which uses single-part implants that are placed directly into the hard bone without waiting for the period of osseointegration and can be immediately loaded with bridge structures.

Stages of treatment:

Unlike closed implantation, implantation through basal implants in Bulgaria preserves the characteristics and anatomy of the jawbones. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to make additional imaging and appoint a 3D X-ray examination.

Stage 1: Under local anesthesia, a basal implant is placed directly, considering the parallel arrangement of the dental implants in the alveolar ridge and checking the primary stability in the bone.

Stage 2: Immediately after the placement of the dental implants, the orthopedic stage begins (taking impressions and handing them over to the dental laboratory).

Stage 3: After 2 days, the metal sample of the bridge structure follows.

Stage 4: The last stage involves placing the finished metal-ceramic crown (bridge) over the dental implants and their final adhesion.

Warranty of dental implants:

Properly placed and positioned dental implant cannot be rejected by the body for life, provided strict hygiene standards of the oral cavity.
This requires compliance with mandatory regular clinical examinations with X-ray controls to detect microorganisms around the implant (periimplantitis) and the detection of prior contact with antagonists or over-contact over the dental implant.

Dental implantation in Bulgaria is the most modern way to restore the lost teeth is placing a dental implant, with implantation basal method.

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Dr. Ghassan Mohamed

Dr. Ghassan Mohamed

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EDUCATION: Dr. Ghassan Mohamed started his higher education in 1986 at the Faculty of Dental Medicine in the Medical University – Sofia. In 1992, he ...

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