Dr. Daniel Dyulgerov

Dentist in Sofia

Dr. Daniel Dyulgerov

Dr. Daniel Dyulgerov graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine in Sofia, Medical University in 2019.

Guided by the cause of not only treating people's teeth, but also changing their lives, Dr. Dyulgerov offers the most appropriate treatment for the specifics in each patient. During his studies he goes through various theoretical and practical courses in the field of endodontics, conservative dentistry and prosthetic dentistry. His professional interests are in the field of conservative dentistry, endodontics and surgery. For his development he attends numerous courses, lectures and seminars, some of which are:
- Course for working with Micerium composites - Sofia (December 14, 2019)
- Dr. Francesco Maggiore's theoretical course on the subject of re-treatment of endodontically treated teeth - from conventional re-treatment to endodontic microsurgery (May 16, 2019 - Inter Expo Center Sofia)
- Theoretical course of Prof. Arnald Castellucci on topics: 1) The advantages and conveniences of modern machining - speed, cost, quality of work and prerequisites for successful and effective treatment; 2) Re-treatment - a necessity, common problems related to audit cases and practical tips on how to avoid and solve them - thresholds, perforations, broken tools. (24.03.2019 - Plovdiv)
- Completed theoretical and practical course for using cofferdam - basic level - at Virtual Dental Academy (01 December 2017 - Sofia)
- Participation in the National Dental Medicine Forum Sliven - 2017
- Participation in a theoretical course on "Root canal machining through personal experience" at the Patricia training center (March 12, 2017 - Sofia)
- Theoretical course on "Clinical aspects of adhesive indirect restorations" by Dr. Ivan Raychev (26 November 2016 - Sofia)
- Practical course on "Clinical Criteria for Direct Composite Restorations" by Dr. Marieta Docheva (29 October 2016 - Sofia)
- Participation in the 8th International Symposium Sofia Dental Meeting (1-4 October 2015 - Sofia)
- Participation in the Fifth Scientific Congress of the Bulgarian Dental Union (21-22 November 2015 - Sofia)
- Participates actively in the international congress of Sofia Dental Meeting
- Participation in CAD-CAM system course 2020 - Dentatechnica
- Participates in theoretical and practical training for non-surgical endodontic treatment and removal of separated instruments with a lecturer Dr. Yoshi Terauchi, Japan (2021)
- Participates in theoretical and practical training for preparation and obturation of root canals with the HyFlex system with lecturer Dr. Mile Churlinov, Macedonia (2021)

Joins the Medstom team in 2019.

He is a member of the Bulgarian Dental Union.

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