X-Ray photos diagnose diseases and injuries of the teeth and jaws.


X-rays are used in dentistry to diagnose diseases and injuries of the teeth and jaws.

In Medstom dental clinics, we have both X-ray for panoramic dental images Carestream (USA) - 2D and 3D, and one of the latest models of digital X-ray machines ball with intraoral sensor from MyRay (Italy), allowing:

  • individual computer settings, regulated by the electronic interface of the device because of the structure of the examined patient;
  • a wide range of programs depending on the anatomical shape of the jaw;
  • great freedom of movement, exceptional ergonomics, and mobility - important for achieving fast exposures and accurate diagnostic results, as well as for a completely painless and comfortable X-ray examination;
  • minimum dose of ionizing radiation.

The images are immediately visible and can be submitted immediately on electronic or paper media and sent to the patient's e-mail.

Patient information

With the help of the X-ray, it is possible to determine:

  • the number, size, and location of the teeth;
  • the presence of unerupted or broken teeth;
  • changes in the bone in periodontitis and osteomyelitis;
  • the presence of granulomas (purulent sac);
  • fracture of the jaw of the tooth roots;
  • the presence of bone tumors and cysts;
  • other abnormalities in the teeth and jawbones.

Two imaging methods are used:

* Sectoral radiography of the teeth (ordinary dental photo):

A small X-ray film in an opaque package is used, which is pressed against the teeth or bitten, and the tube of the X-ray machine is brought closer to the outside of the patient's cheek. In this way, an image of only a few teeth is obtained.

* Survey (panoramic) radiography of the teeth and jaws:

A special X-ray machine called orthopantomography is used. In it, the X-ray tube rotates around the patient's head, and the film moves opposite it in a special cassette. In this way, a panoramic image of the upper and lower jaw is obtained.

Before undergoing an X-ray examination, consider the following facts:

  • It is estimated that X-rays of the teeth and jaws pose a risk of cancer in one in a million patients studied;
  • To protect you, the dentist assesses whether an X-ray is needed and what type it should be;
  • The X-ray technician puts on a protective coating to protect the thyroid gland from excessive radiation. In panoramic radiography, a protective apron is worn to protect the body;
  • Children are twice as sensitive to ionizing radiation as adults. The program for children's panoramic X-ray is specially designed to meet the child's anatomy while limiting the exposure time and the degree of exposure;
  • In pregnant women - the embryo and fetus are more sensitive to radiation, so any unnecessary radiation should be avoided. Tell your doctor if you think you may be pregnant to protect you as much as possible!

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