Dental Tourism

Dental tourism in Bulgaria is characterized by low prices and high quality of dental services

Dental Tourism

Dental tourism in Bulgaria: low prices and high quality of dental services, excellent qualification, and experience of dentists.

Dental tourism remains the best form for combining the useful with the pleasant. That is why a very large number of foreigners decide to combine cultural tourism in Bulgaria with the opportunity to solve their dental problems with highly qualified specialists.

Undoubtedly, dental services in Bulgaria are at lower prices than those in the UK, France, Germany, or other Eastern European countries.

Bulgarian dentists are indisputable specialists who can offer high-quality dental services at low prices. This is the main reason why more and more foreigners prefer Bulgaria for their dental treatment. Along with first-class dentistry, they also combine the emotions of an unforgettable vacation.

The prices of dental implants in Bulgaria are many times cheaper than in Western Europe, and the materials used are of high quality, manufactured in Switzerland, France, and the United States.

Medstom dental clinics are located in the center of Sofia. Our highly qualified specialists work quickly, efficiently, and very professionally. The base is modern and equipped with modern equipment.

Bulgaria is a beautiful country rich in natural values. It is becoming an increasingly attractive destination, which attracts not only tourists and patients from the European Union but also from around the world.

Sofia combines both opportunities for mountain and urban tourism. The climate is pleasant - mild winters, warm and sunny summers. The abundance of cultural and historical landmarks makes the capital a preferred place for recreation and treatment.

Dental Tourism - Questions and Answers

Why choose Medstom dental clinics?

  • More than 19 years of experience.
  • 12 highly qualified specialists in all dental fields / implantology, surgery, aesthetics, prosthetics, etc./.
  • 2 dental clinics in the heart of Sofia, with easy access.
  • Modern equipment, innovative technologies, 2D and 3D X-rays.
  • High quality materials from leading world manufacturers / Switzerland, France and USA /.
  • We can serve you in several different languages / French, English, Italian, Greek, Turkish and Arabic /.
  • Thousands of satisfied patients from all over the world.
  • Lower prices for high quality service.

How to get to Sofia?

» Our Dental Tourism Manager will assist you in organizing your trip.

How do I get from the airport to the hotel or to the clinic?

» You will be provided with a driver who will meet you and accompany you to the clinic or hotel.

How much will the treatment cost me?

» Before organizing your trip, a financial and treatment plan will be prepared for you, which you will get acquainted with and approve in advance.

Will there be additional costs during treatment?

» No additional costs will be required. This will save you more than 50% of the costs you would incur in your country.

Will I receive a guarantee for manipulations?

» We offer a full guarantee of the performed interventions, in compliance with the recommendations prescribed by your doctor.

How long will the procedure take?

» The organization of the procedures will be specified immediately after your first consultation. Please contact us by email so we can help you.

How long will he have to stay in Sofia?

» Your treatment plan will be specified in advance. Standard procedures are performed from 5 to 8 days.

How can I spend my free time in Sofia?

» Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe, with more than 1300 years of history. Mysterious temples, incredible golden treasures with a history from 5000 BC. Bulgaria is also the country of the mythical Orpheus. It combines beautiful nature, ancient history, and rich culture. Last but not least, Bulgaria is a famous center of cuisine and delicious food.

Who can I contact if I have any questions during my stay?

» During your stay, a colleague who speaks your language will be fully available.

The motto of our clinic is: "CARE AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR HEALTH". At Medstom dental clinics we apply the BEST treatment to our patients from the current trends in the development of dentistry worldwide. We have the most modern equipment and work with high quality materials from leading manufacturers. We provide a wide range of dental services performed by prominent specialists in all areas of dentistry.

We will prepare a treatment plan and will consult you by phone or email about the possibilities of its organization and implementation. For this purpose, it is necessary to contact us or send us an e-mail:, panoramic photo (orthopantomography) and we will make sure you get the best offer.

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