Dental Implants in Bulgaria: 5 answers with YES, with two hands FOR

Dental Implants in Bulgaria: 5 answers with YES, with two hands FOR

If you are still wondering why to choose the treatment with dental implants, we have prepared for you TOP 5 reasons Mission of Dental Implants in Bulgaria

Lost teeth and dental implants

70% of adults between the ages of 30-55 have a missing tooth, and one in two loses at least one of their permanent teeth before the age of 60.

Often the loss of one or more teeth is neglected until it begins to affect digestion, phonetics, aesthetics, which in turn affects the appearance and mental state of man.

There are several options for restoring one or more missing teeth:

  • Placement of dental implants and their immediate loading with metal-ceramic or metal-composite crowns (including basal implants and classical implants);
  • Bridge construction;
  • Dentures (plaque or Valplast type).

Treatment with dental implants

The best solution to the problem of missing teeth is the placement of dental implants: this is also a method that we as specialists recommend to our patients.

If you are still wondering why to choose the treatment with dental implants, we have prepared for you the TOP 5 reasons that will definitely tip the scales in favor of the dental implant.

1. They are no different from natural teeth

Dental implants are no different from the natural teeth you were born with. The care for the implants is the same as for the natural teeth - cleaning twice a day with a brush and toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash.

It is important for them to follow the check-ups at the dentist in order to avoid unwanted complications.

2. Keep adjacent teeth healthy

Often when bridges or partial dentures are placed, it is necessary to kill the adjacent teeth in order to fix them in place of the missing ones.

When placing dental implants, the strength of the bone is strengthened, which improves the overall condition of the patient and protects the neighboring healthy teeth from displacement and shaking.

3. Maintain facial proportions

Each dental intervention should be consistent with the patient's facial structure, and the proportions for a harmonious smile should be maintained. Often, with tooth loss, the entire facial structure changes and the face sinks inward.

By placing dental implants we can not only prevent this process, but also restore the shape of the face.

4. Long lasting warranty

Properly placed and positioned dental implant in the dentition and its good integration into the bone can not be rejected by the body for life. The only condition is compliance with strict hygiene standards in the oral cavity.

Regular control examinations with X-ray controls are mandatory to detect the presence of microorganisms around it or prerequisites for the development of the so-called. periimlantitis.

5. Stability

Dental implants are extremely stable, which will guarantee you a normal and confident way, regardless of the food you eat. No doubt you will notice the change when you eat.


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